Students and ETA Visas

While it is generally not advised to come to Australia on an ETA Visa for student purposes, there are a few exceptions.

Firstly the DO NOT's

  • Do not come in on an ETA Visa or eVisitor visa if you are attending university or higher learning facility where the courses run for 12 months or longer.
  • Do not come to Australia on an ETA Visa if your course is much longer than 3 months. (eg: 6 or 9 months)

Having said that, there is the possibility for overlapping your visa.

  • IF your course is for 3 or 4 months and goes longer than the 3 months you are allowed to stay in Australia, then you do have an OPTION to pop over to the following countries for the weekend and then come back Sunday night.
  • These are considered safe countries (as of 2016) but please CHECK BEFORE you travel.
    • New Zealand (safest country) or
    • Fiji,
    • Bali or
    • Vanuatu for 2 or 3 days (long weekend) and then return to Australia and stay for UP TO 3 more months.


  • Solomon Islands
  • West Papua also called Irian Jaya is especially dangerous
  • Papua New Guinea (PNG) as these are considered generally unsafe

These are dangerous places to go and play tourist.


You Do NOT need to wait until the end of your 3 months to travel and return.

In fact, you can go out of Australia after 1 or 2 months and return.

This is extremely useful IF you have a LONG WEEKEND happening (for example after 2 months) and you need the extra day.

So please remember to plan your stay.

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