Australian Visas, Start Here

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Group Australian Visas

If you need Group Australian Visas, please continue to contact us by entering the code below in the yellow box.


If you are from India, Pakistan, Africa or China, please DO NOT CONTACT US, we cannot help you get a visa for Australia unless you have a passport from one of these ETA Visa Approved Countries.

Australian Visa Status Checks

If you have applied for an Australian visa on our website, we will do a STATUS CHECK for free.

However, if you have applied on another website, please go to this Australia Visa Status checking website. IT COSTS MONEY TO USE THIS SITE.

Australian Migration

If you want to migrate to Australia or any other long term spouse, work, 417, 400 or other long term business related visa enquiries, please contact the company Quick Visas (offices in Sydney Australia and the UK).