Australian ETA Visa

Cost per visa: SGD $20.00 Discounted until midnight Thursday, 06 Aug 2020

IF you have never submitted an Online ETA Visa to Australia before, please read this info before applying. Otherwise pls just click the Button below.

We put HELP INFO (see below APPLY button) to assist you in "not" getting fined ($170 or worse) for submitting an incorrect / false visa application.

This ALSO includes previous residents of Myanmar (Burma), Indonesia and other SE Asian countries where "Western Names" do not apply who are now living in Singapore, Malaysia or Brunei.

Please note that one of the NEW requirements is...

  • * Singaporeans must now include their IC number,
  • * Malaysians their Nombor Pengenalan and
  • * Koreans their PERSONAL number in all applications. These are shown in your passport near the picture.
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We highly recommend that you read the HELP FILES before you apply so that you do not make any mistakes in your visa applications.

We have HELP for the following names: